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Born in the 80s raved in the 90s, I got in to the dance and rave scene at a early age going to my first rave at 15 the pleasure dome that was it.
I was hooked the people the music the energy and it didn’t take me long to get my first set of decks a pair off kam bdx belt driven decks and a little 2 channel kam mixer.
I played and played and played buying new vinyl whenever I got enough money until I finally saved enough for my 1210s.
I was heavily influenced by the Hard Techno and Hard Trance scene by the likes off Fergus Mark EG  Mzone Clarkee producer to name ,but a few we’d be out every weekend you’d find me wherever there was Hard Techno or Hard Trance at a rave legal or illegal we travelled the length off Britain to get to it.
I couldn’t get enough I lived for music and it never went away,
I’ve carried on djing throughout the 25 years on and off but now my children have grown I’ve pushed myself back out there again after a long absence securing myself a residency with Techno Pulse on Techno Connection boosting my confidence massively and now Techno Science it’s given me the push and drive to get out there again and show people what I’m all about.


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