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Her life as a musician began when she was 6 years old, with 10 years education at music school. Since 1993 part of the Techno scene. Produces a variety of genres (Techno, Hard Techno, Hardcore & Psy) with FL Studio.  
She signed her first release EP titled "Visions" on Techno Addicts Records and released on labels like Alienator Records Labelgroup Japan, Ushuaia, Black Square Recordings, Wicked Waves, Luft, 13 Schallplatten, Naughty Pills,  Hardwandler Records, Techno Vinyls, Geometrik, SMR Underground, and more... 

Label Manager and Resident DJane at Alienator Records Labelgroup Japan, Labelmanager Elitaria Record Label and Co-Owner and Founder Alienator Bookings.
Resident DJane at Techno Connection UK Underground FM, FNOOB Techno Podcast and many others. 

In her productions she creates a symbiosis between the legendary 90s Techno and current beats.  Her top priority is to transfer good feelings and make people smile. "Techno is Understanding". "Everyone of us had this unforgotten moment in life where this understanding happened".  

Booking Agency: Alienator Bookings (Worldwide)


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